About Us

Originating in 2009, Al-Obeidi Electrical Industries Company is a distinctly Egyptian enterprise specializing in the manufacture of electrical lighting products.

We deliver superior, guaranteed lighting solutions, aiming to accelerate our position as a frontrunner in the future-focused electrical industry by exploiting advanced technologies.

At Al-Obeidi, we deeply value our dedicated workforce, recognizing their foundational role in our company’s enduring history and future success. Over the years, we have solidified our reputation as a trailblazing brand in Egypt and the Middle East’s electrical industry.

Our commitment to uphold the highest standards across all our products and services has never wavered. Our company harnesses the newest technologies in the electrical industry in our pursuit of unparalleled quality, providing our customers with nothing less than the best.

At Al-Obeidi Electrical Industries Company, our mission is to deliver high-quality and reliable lighting solutions. We endeavor to drive innovation in electrical lighting, incorporating the latest technologies and setting industry standards. Our commitment extends to fostering a diligent workforce, recognizing their vital role in our prolonged success. We take pride in our ability to meet and surpass customer expectations, secure in the knowledge that quality is the signature of our products.

Our vision is to illuminate every corner of Egypt and the Middle East with our distinguished lighting array. As a leading brand in the industry, we aim to propel the field of electrical industries towards a future of modernity and efficiency. We plan to continue our growth and strive for unparalleled excellence in electrical lighting. We visualize a future where our commitment to our workforce and customers aligns with the advancements of technology, creating a sustainable and brighter tomorrow.

Our strategy is centered around continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, workforce development, creating a sustainable business, and becoming a beacon in the electrical industry in Egypt and beyond.

The values we live for

At Al-Obeidi Electrical Industries Company, we prioritize Quality, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Customer Satisfaction, and Sustainability. These guiding principles shape our business approach and allow us to deliver exceptional products and services.

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